Monday, February 2, 2009

Why Couldn't the Steelers Just Win It After Two Quarters Instead I Was Awake Half The Night

I am not even that big a fan of American football. At times I struggle to understand what rule was broken as I watch a frame by frame action replay. Sometimes I think John Madden is speaking another language that only has a passing resemblance to English. Why couldn't the Steelers have wrapped up the game by half time instead of dragging the whole thing out till about three in the morning!

And yet the Superbowl is just quality entertainment, pure American entertainment with more ceremony than a visit from the Pope. The NFL even managed to get Bruce Springsteen to do a press conference for christ sake. The match itself was tough and brutal and all came down to more or less the final play with a floated pass to the corner. The bookies were more interested in what the half-time set list would look like. By the way if you got "Born To Run" at even money you should be laughing all the way to the bank. And The Steelers didn't beat the seven point spread either, so all gambling addicts take note. Music is easier to predict than football!! Finally just to add to the surreal nature of the game there is a replica frigging pirate ship at the end of the ground in Tampa. At times you just wonder!!!!

If you missed the performance here it is in all its High Def glory.

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