Sunday, October 24, 2010


Having just finished reading 'Rain' by Don Patterson I'm left with the all too familiar, slightly bemused, 10,000 yard stare and asking myself what the hell was that. A far more eloquent view of the experience can be found here. However let it not be said that I didn't appreciate it, its just that I'm left feeling incredibly confused (think slowly turning gears and nothing happening).

Speaking of the under appreciated, Kings of Leon have a new album out and it seems to be taking a fair amount of stick. Fair enough the video for Radioactive is incredibly dodge on a Herculean scale dodge but if any other band around produced something like this they would be lauded from a height. I think its half decent and as good as anything this year. Damn the begrudgers!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


24 months behind as usual. Can't stand the haircuts or the look but the music is class.

Friday, October 15, 2010

She Said

After over a year of using Spotify and also with this new iTunes Ping yoke (it sounds like a putter if you ask me) I have began to wonder does anybody find music the old fashioned way anymore i.e. listen to the radio followed by what the fuck was that, not get the name of the band, wait patiently for another two weeks till the song is played again, finally catch the name of the band and then off to Golden Discs!! Very simple process.

Now our music tastes are decided by A] what other people who have listened to this track have also listened to (this is not good damn Amazon) and B] how proficient the DBA who is after creating the system is at linking tables (and this is not an ACCESS tutorial either). Neither options are very satisfactory really.

Below is some good old fashioned music that was once tracked down via the first process outlined above.