Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Its Sad When The Editors Cheer You Up

Another Monday down! Things are always bad when the doom laden Editors are one of the few bright spots in the day. The Weight of the World is off their most recent album An End Has A Start. Well at least I think thats the name of the album cause I'm pretty sure its not on their first album The Back Room. I like the performance but I cant figure out what the vocalist is doing with his hands when he is singing. Although to be honest I dont think I'll let it bother me too much.

Credit crunch appears to be over after the Main Man in the White House signed in the major stimulus bill. In a few months all will be back to normal and we will have forgotten about the whole sorry banking mess. Somehow I believe the optimism is mis-placed (if you have twenty minutes to waste watch this, it will knock any optimism out of you (warning this clip may cause drowsiness)). More importantly to me though this is the song that saved the day.


Some Chilean Woman said...

Not sad at all, these guys are fantastic! Mind you, I'd never let that man touch me with those hands.

Thanks for another addition to my Vegas playlist!

Neil said...

Good plan to stay away from the hands. Even better plan to put it on the playlist!