Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beat Radio: Safe Inside The Sound

Thanks to a chance encounter facilitated by the blog aggregator I first listened to New York band Beat Radio, now as an acknowledged fan of said same band, I was delighted to see that they are streaming their second EP on the blog cinema of sunshine (you're off-line for a few weeks and this happens... typical). Continuing on that upward curve this EP takes off from where in my mind where Elegy left us. The songs strike deep and anything that drops some Neil Young references (Memoir of a Lightening Bolt)  is all good with me. The distinctive sound remains (Hard Times For Dreamers) though and well worth a listen. Now let's hope Beat Radio get more of the credit the album richly deserves.
Below a demo version of their song Mexico with accompanying video. The gift of an on-line community.

The Drums

Quick post. This crowd are worth checking out.

The River

Its been a long break since the last post. A time to reflect and basically gather some more music together. A new Wilco album imaginatively titled Wilco (The Album) has been released and its pretty decent. Nothing outstanding but solid. Thanks to spotify this album listening to lark has become both an easier and cheaper past-time.

However this week I've decided after much reflection to go back to five tunes that keep me blogging..

5. The Jags: Back of My Hand
4. The Police: So Lonely
3. Mick Flannery: Wish You Well
2. The Hold Steady: Stuck Between Stations

1. Mainly cause he is playing here Sunday night, I can really only go with the Boss and one of the greatest songs of all time and song in the style of Nebraksa.