Friday, January 30, 2009

Youth and The Day We Caught The Train

We all think about the how things were brighter in the past. The summers were hotter, the winters were colder and times were happier (Damn global warming cause pretty soon it going to debunk that myth). To complement the mood you still remember the songs that provided the soundtrack to those heady days before i-pods and music "sharing". How you used to spend hours making mix tapes, waiting patiently next to a radio, tape recorder in hand hoping for once the DJ wont butt in for the last twenty seconds of a song.

So in honour of those more innocent days here are some of the songs that used to make regular appearances on some of my mid-nineties mix tapes. You cringe at some, you smile at others but all the songs at one time or another meant something.
Word of warning this is going to be a Britpop montage!
Oasis "Stand By Me"
Blur "End Of The Century"
The Connell's "74 - 75"
The Longpigs "On and On"
and obviously given the title, Ocean Colour Scene