Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Review

The trouble with committing yourself to a blog entry is that you can't really row back on previous predictions. You kinda put yourself out on a limb and stay there. So much for my insight into last weekends Ireland vs. France match which was supposed to be in my opinion at least a tight, tense affair that consisted mainly of aerial ping pong. Instead it turned out to be the match of the weekend with both fullbacks willing to run the ball back at every opportunity and Ireland producing a truly world class performance in turning over a valiant French effort. The moment of the match was the Kearney break that ultimately led to the Heaslip trip. The side step to finish the move and make Poitrenaud look like a bit of a fool was excellent.

In other news close to my sporting heart Rafa Benitez some how managed to grab victory from the despair of defeat in Fratton Park. This despite of a truly bizarre selection decision that saw N'Gog start upfront with Babel. On the plus side that purveyor of absolutely useless midfield play Lucas was suspended for the match but Liverpool stay on course for a title shot, well at least kind of anyways.

Bet of the weekend was Man Utd. winning to nil which was 7/4, according to most betting sites this amounts to more or less being allowed to print money, should Obama be allowed to consider this in his financial rescue package?

To finish off, song of the weekend for me was this, blame it on being on soul overload in between sporting events and also watching Platoon.

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