Friday, February 27, 2009

The Friday Sport Preview Post Yokey

Its almost the weekend and tonight we are going to be enthralled by the first ever Friday night Six Nations match when the flakey French take on those pesky Welsh. The French have Benoit Baby at outhalf tonight which makes absolutely no sense to me. The guy cant kick, so I'm expecting some serious kamikaze running of the ball. Its shaping up to be a cracker and unfortunately with that selection I can't see the Welsh Grand Slam bid being derailed. Livremont really wants his head examined in my opinion, just play Skrela for god sake.

Parry is also about to lose his job at Liverpool, it has only taken fifteen years of gross mismanagement for him to reach this point. Perhaps he should apply for a job in this basket case company. Liverpool are without doubt destined to drop more points away to Middlesborough this weekend after putting on such a good show at Real midweek. Logic goes out the door as regards this club.

Bet of the weekend would have to be the Arsenal to win to nil at home to Fulham (11/10) so I'm putting the house down on that one. Also I've decided UEFA Cup is far more exciting than Champions League football mainly because Man City just can't defend. On the music front I reckon this is the song to get us all through the current economic nightmare. If it works for Obama it should work for us... hopefully


Some Chilean Woman said...

Re: the sport. I wish I could say something witty, but I'm much to ignorant in that dept.

Re: music video. I want to live on that street!

WV:"pandump" -I'm suddenly hungry.

Neil said...

Apologies for sport talk! If it involves making money you just gotta talk about it