Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Easy Listening But Not In A Bad Way

As I continue to pretend that I understand open source software I think I need some relaxing music to relieve the stress and focus the mind. There is no one better to put you in a chilled out mood than Lisa Hannigan.

"Lille" has a Caribbean vibe, a wonderful melody, topped off with a sumptuous voice. Her talent was always obvious when she was in cahoots with Damien Rice and now as a solo artist she just gets better and better. A cookie personality and on stage she seems as mad as a bag of cats, all in all though a brilliant artist. Nice video too by the way.


Some Chilean Woman said...

I'm going to Las Vegas in less than two weeks (woo hoo!) and I am taking Lisa with me.

Neil said...

Lisa loves Vegas! She might be a lucky charm too and you will bring back some serious cash