Thursday, February 12, 2009

Classic Album of The Week (Part 2)

This classic album research is a real eye-opener. I forget how much background information there is for each album especially the ones that were released before I was even a glint in someone's eye. This is especially true for this weeks blog entry Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours". The first memory of this album I have is of a cassette version that had the song-titles worn away to nothing from the amount of time it had been previously played. As a result up till a few years ago I was always slightly sketchy as to the actual song titles but all the songs were familiar.

Seemingly forged in the disintegration of relationships within the band the album is full of bitter-sweet moments and truly bizarre moments. In all the recent reviews of the greatest albums "Rumours" has always been highly placed, not that I hold much store in that. The album is full of cracking songs with "The Chain" with that famous baseline being one of my favourites. Not one of the tracks could be described as filler with holding quality in their own right while still maintaining a sense of continuity.

However the track of the album is the Stevie Nicks penned "Gold Dust Woman", with the lyrics "Did she make you cry, Make you break down, Shatter your illusions of love, Is it over now- do you know how, Pick up the pieces and go home." really capturing the theme of crumbling despair that runs throughout the album. If it's not in the collection then its time to bite the bullet and invest.

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