Monday, February 16, 2009

The Sunday Times Don't Know What They Are Talking About

I was all excited to check out The Sunday Times Culture supplement this weekend as they were reviewing the Top 100 most influential blogs on the Internet, imagine my disappointment when Dust In The Spotlight did not appear on the list, I mean in my humble opinion I felt it at least deserves a mention. I am claiming a British media conspiracy in not fully acknowledging the outstanding contribution this blog offers the Internet (note sarcasm). Anyway I have recovered from the disappointment and am eagerly awaiting a note on next weeks issue outlining the papers failure to fully acknowledge the full greatness of this blog.

Also I must mention the impending tour of one of Ireland's finest emerging talents Remma and their forthcoming whistle stop tour of the east coast of the U.S of A to coincide with the release of the forthcoming single "Forcibly Impressed" in North America. It kicks off on March 4. Best of luck to the lads and world domination surely awaits! Their blog contains all gig listing and some links to free downloads. Here is the video to accompany their upcoming release.


Gemma said...

Hey there, just browsing your blog...I saw that Top 100 Blogs list but what irked me was that many of the blogs were linked to companies or official sites..which is unfair to the regular blogger.
Nway happy blogging, keep it up!

Neil said...

Hey gemma, the top 100 feeling of unfairness was slightly tongue in check but it was self referential really which kinda shows their lack of understanding of blogging in general!