Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good Video, The Rest I'm Unsure Of

The next big thing of Irish music supposedly Fight Like Apes released their new album "Fight Like Apes and The Mystery of The Golden Medallion" in January. For some reason I always assumed they sounded like the Animal Collective but I think that was down to just poor name association. Anyways their video "Tie Me Up With Jackets" comes as a recommended view on the old youtube this week. The video is damn good but the song does absolutely nothing for my. It might be a grower but I must say I'm struggling with the lyrics. Not my cup of tea that is for sure.

Also a quick word of thanks to the referee in last nights Ireland soccer international. Crazy decision to give a penalty and he pretty much forgot he had a yellow card for the rest of the night. Some of the tackles wouldn't have been out of place on a rugby field. Have a quick look at the "Fight Like Apes Video" video and possibly keep the volume down.

Also this guy does cinema reviews online. Actually they are not bad with a bit of humour thrown in free of charge. All in all pretty good.

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