Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Internet Is Ruled By The Power Of Suggestion

Literary pretensions showing once more when I say the internet is ruled by the power of suggestion, well according to John Gray it is anyways. So lets see if it is... Today I suggest eighties cheese. All music videos from this day on will take the form of five minutes films, story line and all.


Some Chilean Woman said...

Love the dance off at the end, that's how I shake it when I want a beer.

Sleepy said...

Does Vienna by Ultravox count?
Take on me - A-ha?

The 80's are another country to me.
Spent in a haze of 10 000 Maniacs, Pink Floyd, Cannabis and endless rants from my Mother.
Very similar to my days now!
Only the music has changed.

In my defense, I am full of Absolut Vodka!

Neil said...

Some Chilean Woman:
Dance off at the end makes no sense! And why does a group of em run out of the bar. Maybe I just dont get 80's metaphors.

Sleepy: Pink Floyd and haze always seem to go together, I dont think there is any other way to listen to Dark Side of The Moon! Absolut Vodka, good choice by the way! Skittles and all probably.

En2me said...

That video is brilliant! It crack me up. I like when she walks and there is random occasional dancing. Its important when expressing emotion!

Neil said...

Yeah... the 80's were a crazy crazy time! No wonder we are fucked up

Some Chilean Woman said...

The whole video is a bit schizophrenic. The dance off, the running away, her writing letter to a boy that looks a lot like a young Ellen DeGeneres, it's all very sassy and all, but I just don't get it.

I still love this song though, her voice is pretty hot and I don't say that about many female artists.

Neil said...

Its best described as montage music! Seemingly in the eighties a lot used to happen in very short spaces of time so they needed songs to soundtrack the whole thing