Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Doctor Leaves

This is the internet, and the wonders never cease. Using an array of talents to produce an E.P. of quirkiness and all round self deprecation. A winning combination. I'm still not sure on the business model (indoctrination of business courses is hard to shake) but its great great music. Doctor Leaves deserves to be heard and also possibly an award for website design!

An Old Fashioned CD Buying Expedition

In the past few weeks there has been an upsurge in all things music related. A splurge of the CD buying variety. First up the new Arctic Monkeys one Humbug which is decent and not as poor as some recent reviews would suggest. I suppose if songs don't win people over within the first two listens it will be consigned to the bin labeled "ill-advised trip to the U.S.", a label which one will never find a Cat Steven's album. In typical fashion the first single picked is slightly left of centre, but Crying Lightening is a quality tune with perfectly weighted and observed lyrics. The rest of the album just gets better with each listen. A return to listening to albums ala the eighties is required (or else some proper reviewing, the Q review of the debut Interpol album always springs to mind), and I doubt a Smith's album is best appreciated after one/two listen then scribble a review.

Next up is the gang how drove me mad every time never mind in Five Year's Time, however this album is a little gem. Noah and the Whale with their First Days of Spring, full of strings and madness with just the right pitch. Just buy it, simple as.

As we would say as gaeilge.... sin sin (for the phoenetically minded, shin shin).

Finally just because I can, The Byrd's and a unique take on Dylan.