Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Open Source and The Lack Of A Free Lunch

Open-Source software is either saviour of the world as we know it, the destroyer of faceless corporations taking our hard earned money on rubbish products or the maddeningly glitchy piece of software that just wont work no matter how many times you glare at it! I kinda like the first idea out there of cyber-programmers saving the world in "Captain Planet" esq teams destroying one evil after another yet a lot of the time what the leave is pretty much shelf-ware that is pathetic (Apologies for the nineties cartoon reference, you just cant resist sometimes). Sites like sourceforge are testament to the many started and failed projects out there and however it does lead to a brisk trade in open-source self help books ironically.

At the moment open-source is driving me slowly mad but really it was never meant for business applications. This is the dark side of the tree hugging hippy stuff of the open-source community, no documentation, newbie unfriendly forums and an application so clunky a cup of coffee is a prerequisite before running any process.

Still Mozilla (Firefox is resource hungry but it works ok) and Apache are the business and you can't fault OpenOffice either. Beats paying obscene amount of money to Microsoft!
In this totally random venting some anger post I reckon a song that somehow mentions Javascript is appropriate...
Weird Al Jankovic: White And Nerdy

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