Monday, March 2, 2009

A Weekend Of Learning

Things that I've learnt this weekend.
1. Rugby at times is the greatest game on earth and I would be mangled if I ever had the guts to play it.

2. Liverpool will never win the league in my lifetime as the manager doesn't understand the concept of playing a forward.

3. Never put any form of money on Arsenal to win at home, I am now down one house.

4. The NME are definitely sponsored by a hair-gel product. I haven't seen so much hair since that Pat Benatar video.

5. My undying hatred of all things associated with Friendly Fires and Empire of the Sun (record execs pretty much seeing whats popular and then blatantly copying it)

6. U2 have a dislike for paying taxes.

7. Glasvegas seriously rock, and their lead singer dude reckons he is Joe Strummer.

8. Suspicious Minds like you have never seen it before....


Some Chilean Woman said...

I mentioned Glasvegas on my last post too, great nerdy minds think alike I guess. Love that they're coming to SLC and only $10 a ticket!

Neil said...

$10 and Glasvegas = Great and cheap night out!

En2me said...

I thought i had psted about this Glasvegas already but just to say. that is a proper cover version, no elis impersonater ruining a classic, i love suspicious minds but that was as good. Also.... THATS FUCKING ROCKnROLL!!!!!!!

Neil said...

Well said! I haven't seen that much rock and roll since that cliff fell down on the road by Dingle! Also great use of hair products!!!!