Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Very Literal Photo Related Blog Post

In the beginning of this Hold Steady blog of mine I mentioned Davos, playground of the rich a site of the an annual economic forum where in time honoured tradition nothing of consequence happened to prevent the economic meltdown (as A.I.G have proved). Today see's the start of the G20 summit in London where a load of very important people swan around and really do very little (already the French have threatened to pull out, I think it impinges on their institution enshrined six hours working week but that has yet to be confirmed).

Unfortunately this echoes previous attempts, in the thirties, to lead the world out of a global economic meltdown which is never a good sign. So lets hope that by signing a big fuck off check, ignoring all the systemic issues while looking the other way this problem will go away without much fuss (didn't Einstein consider madness to be doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results). I wonder if these economists ever read a history book or is there some form of collective mindset that allows a group of people to actually ignore a problem! (That course in project management finally came in handy, I'll solve world hunger with it yet, mark my words).

Anyways to move away from all the doom and gloom, football365 provided quote of the day,

"I am diabetic, I ate a few apples before driving" - Polish MP Marek Latas convinces nobody after he was found to have 0.7 units of alcohol in his blood while driving.

I can confirm as a practicing diabetic that the excuse is bollox but fair play for trying. An eighties classic to leave with. Serious surgery is required to have the ability to sing this song, and the antithesis of yesterday post, The Sun Always Shine On TV.


Sleepy said...

Haha! I'd forgotten what a 'pretty boy' Morten was!
The girls at my school loved him.

Neil said...

Chiseled from Norwegian granite the girls tell! I couldn't possibly comment

Sleepy said...

I bet he looks like Josef Fritzel now.

Neil said...

Well he has been known to hide behind a blue binder every now and then so maybe

Kleinmue said...

Was secretly waiting for that song since the beginning of this blog :)

Neil said...

haha, secretly waiting! I knew you loved it all along!