Thursday, March 19, 2009

Electric Out Of Sight

Things that are currently driving me slowly mad.

1. Stupid IT systems that make no sense why didn't I follow my alternative path of military historian. Give me researching Dien Bien Phu any day!

2. Having the piss taken out of me due to my reading list including W.B Yeats, Jared Diamond, Bertrand Russel, Mikhail Bulakov which according to some people don't befit a business type person and should be the realm of an Arts student!

3.The new U2 album, c'mon people wake up. It's not a return to form.

4. Robinho being absolute rubbish once he gets out of Maine Road, sorry I mean Eastlands.

5. No banker yet being held accountable for pissing away a couple of billion dollars here and there while maintaining a don't mention its broken approach to fiscal governance.

Luckily there is some tunes to save me from insanity. R.E.M. and the under-rated New Adventures in Hi-Fi I think is in order today! Here comes Electrolite...

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