Sunday, March 29, 2009

Music Is The Shorthand of Emotion

So after surviving a night of much stag related madness back to base again today. I'm getting old as the hangovers don't clear so quickly and the back aches after having to sleep on the floor. Also a number of things are beginning to seriously piss me off in my old age.

1. People using their fupping mobile to play music out loud on the train. The old forehead vein begins to throb and if I hear Poker Face one more time on a crap sound system that removes the base and makes it only appetising to teenagers ears I'm going to flip! This stuff used not bother me but now its getting seriously annoying.

2. Footloose being the only song DJ's have when it comes to eighties music in a club. C'mon show some imagination.... Lazy, lazy, lazy!

3. The Limerick-Galway road. Its a joke!!!! Rocks frigging everywhere. One tractor = half hour addition to the commute.

4. Republic of Ireland soccer team. Soccer is simple pass the ball to a guy in the same coloured shirt and stop hoofing it forty yards up the field every time you get it. Its not junior football for fuck sake.

Rant over.

Soothing music required. Think ocean noises and the smell of rosemary and some of the spiritual stuff. As Tolstoy said "Music is the shorthand of emotion". Thank god there is a chance Sigur Rós might calm me down


Some Chilean Woman said...

What happened to headphones?! No, we don't want to hear your music especially coming from your shitty phones...ah, kids these days.

Neil said...

I know, some inventions haven't trickled down to some parts of Ireland yet I reckon