Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Reunion

Note to self, get my hands on the tickets for the Crosby,Stills and Nash gig that is going to be on in our little backwater this summer. This group have been around for ages and thanks to a very informative BBC4 (gets my vote for channel of the year, damn iplayer doesn't work in Ireland, solutions on the comments page please!!!!) documentary a couple of months ago I finally figured out their importance for West Coast music and am able to draw a rather faint line from Buffalo Springfield through them to the Eagles.
Unfortunately not containing Young this time they still will provide a decent evenings entertainment. The vocals and quality of song writing is enough to fill anyone's musical dreams. Nash provides a tenuous European link to the operation and it will be worth entrance money alone to hear this song live. I'm a country music fan at heart.

1 comment:

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