Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Didn't Believe Me Eyes

One final thing. How the fuck did Liverpool turn on that kinda performance last night? Normally blank checks and houses of disrepute normally come to mind when talking of the forward line but c'mon winning four nil is just not on. It would take the Talking Heads (or Bell X1's parents) to verbalise the truth.


Sleepy said...

I totally loved that match!
Shame they don't give it all that in the league.
That Torres flick made me gasp.
It's been a long time since football has done that for me!

Neil said...

Yeah that was just class, the ball was pinged into feet and he made Canavarro look all his thirty odd years! But the need to be seriously fucked out of it every now and then, they sleep walk through some games... I think they require your "motivational abilities"!!!