Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Changelings And Metaphors

Due a fascination with all things list orientated, I must admit to the sad and nerdy affliction of song rating and categorisation of all things itunes related. In the pre-itunes era a pet hate was the whole idea of someone putting the wrong CD into the case, this has escalated in current times to paranoia proportions that some one may in fact fuck with my carefully designed i-tunes star rating process. The system itself makes no sense in that an Eels song for example may remain unrated (Spunky for example) while Bachman Turner Overdrive (You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet) currently has a three star rating (however I hold my hands up and say that the rating may have been induced by various liquids). However a quick look at the current list see's classics such as Moby, friggin Moby, obtaining five stars and it has all the hallmarks of house party espionage.

Anyways one of the inconsistencies of the music collection is related to the scatter gun approach to buying music when I'm in the good old record shop. I fall into the category of buying three bargain basement cd's instead of the expensive new release that I probably actually want (I am going to have to buy me some form of grammar book). But this approach does lead to some interesting purchases and this is true with Seth Lakeman who is some form of fiddle totting, folk leaning, modern music type dude. This song reminds me of traditional Irish story songs that are normally sung As Gailige and this is some form of interpreted type lyrics. So here is White Hare (at times I wonder about my musical taste, but then again it's mine)

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