Tuesday, March 24, 2009

True.... Very True

Haven't had a chance in a while for a blog entry after the weekend of excitement. Still recovering from hiding behind the couch for the final moment of Ireland's Six Nations Grand Slam decider when the man from down the road dropped a goal with a few minutes left to secure the win which was followed by the entire nation/team going absolutely bannanas! Then United get played off the park by a Fulham team that included Olivier Dacourt and once again Danny Murphy proved their Nemesis by scoring against them. To top it all off Liverpool look like they are back in the eighties with a five nil trouncing of a poor Villa side who were playing Reo-Coker right back who is about effective as a confused Fraggle.

Now I was thinking that was all good but it was just about to get better.... Those purveyors of the eighties New Romantic movement are returning to the fanfare of a world friggin tour. Spandau Ballet return and its true so true (shocking use of dodgy lyrics). Anyways today's song brings back radio memories from my childhood, wandering around the kitchen and listening to this!

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