Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We Are But A Thought

After some rummaging around the lastfm website (and no lastfm, I am not going to be a Fionn Regan follower and stop playing the dreadful "Penny in the Slot" song for me) I have become a signed up follower for American band Okkervil River. I think they are a cross between Wilco and Ryan Adams, their lyrics are dark ("Sometimes the blood from real cuts, Feels real nice, When it's really mine, And if you want it to be real, Come over for one night,And we can really, really climb") and the sound is very much guitar driven. The song "For Real" is the stand out track from the angst laden "Black Sheep Boy" and worth investing a few of those hard earned shillings or just downloading Vuze (conscious dependant of course).

On a completely seperate note I saw this and it scared the shit out of me, and there I was thinking Fraggle Rock was scary!


En2me said...

Man that is sum scary stuff!!! Do not watch with surround sound

Neil said...

I gave up watching! I ain't never going through no magic door again!!!! How the hell did Bosco survive????

Sleepy said...

The Okkervil River video reminds me of the dodgey Eastern Europen cartoons of my childhood.
The other one? Eeeesh!

Neil said...

Yup, my video choices become much more difficult when I get out of the comfort zone. Truly bizarre piece of kids TV!