Friday, April 17, 2009

Vacation: I Hate The Return

It's been a while as that pretty poor American band Staind once said and its over a week since my last post, a week which has seen the delights of Munich airport (everything bloody verbotten, make a smoking area god damn it) to the spaghetti junction that is Dublin airport (where everyone stares at the baggage carriers hoping that somehow this will speed the whole process up). In between times a lot of shit has gone down, my hatred of all things Chelsea related has increased, pirates are back in vogue, government like taking more money off us in the name of equality, Munster have kicked Osprey ass in rugby, MGMT will be at that most electric of picnics (they prices are pretty much in line with what utilities charge as well i.e. lots) and finally the good people at pirate bay have been put behind Swedish steel bars (make sure none of those dubiously acquired mp3's are existing on the old i-tunes).

Anyways my music listening in the past week has pretty much been confined to Frightened Rabbit and the crap thats played on the radio (Lady GaGa you have a LOT to answer for) due to the fact the different newer versions of software aren't bloody backwards compatible (or screw you programming as it should be referred to). This has increased my overall crankiness level and Ryanair haven't helped with the fact that for bizarre reasons my flight is about sixty euro more expensive than advertised (currently shaking fists at jet planes in the sky and hoping they are Ryanairs). As a result today's song is from the album Robbers and Cowards by the Cold War Kids and the aptly titled (for Irish at least) We Used to Vacation!


Sleepy said...

Why are the Ryanair stands at Dublin so far away from everything?
I want 60 euro off because I've walked most of the fecking way!

And vodka in a plastic bag is wrong on so many levels.

Neil said...

Damn right!!!! They have a lot to answer for, those damn cheap skate Irish airline