Monday, April 6, 2009

Heat Of The Moment (Shakes Head)

Hectic day today, although while on the good old beeb website I found this. Interesting reading and as good as reason as any not to have a expense account. People actually check up on what your buying, god who would have thought working in the public service would make you so accountable.

Today's post besides the above takes in that brilliant age of the eighties and this weeks shame is Asia and The Heat of The Moment. I think I heard it once on a night out in a bar called the Idle Hour, a lawless place I tells ya, a lawless place. Anyways its starts with "I never meant to be so bad to you" and progresses steadily downhill.


Sleepy said...

That's dreadful.

Neil said...

Yup I did warn you... well kinda, I think that song is more damaging than binge drinking!

Some Chilean Woman said...

I love the caption under the naked Barbie and Ken dolls: "Plastic boobs? Check. No body hair? Check? You're hired"

Neil said...

Yeah that article is just plain bizarre!