Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tree Hugging

Still waiting for spotify to get it's ass in gear and allow us Irish to sign up to there free service. All in all it looks pretty cool but I just can't be arsed going through a proxy so as to spoof my I.P. address being in the UK. Anyways its unpatriotic which is always a good way to justify laziness as Mr. Chomsky would point out in any of his books. Speaking of him, with Hegemony or Survival, those predictions haven't really worked out, and his hope for some mass sixties style popular stand hasn't materialised, especially in these days of Twitter which appears to be far more successfully utilised in demonstrations in Moldova than here, although it appears the student population of Moldova don't confuse appathy with patriotism.

That tangent was brought courtesy of the fact that spotify is not available here, which is like Hulu and that music yoke that the pitchfork have on their site. Are we living in the fupping stone age here or whats the story?

God damn licensing agreement, no wonder everyone went to pirate bay, who also are trying to convince us that the Swedish (as a race) have a tradition in file sharing! C'mon for fuck sake, who has a tradition of file sharing???? I haven't read one history book that highlights the Swedish love of filing cabnets, for matches yes (built a shagging empire on it) but filing cabnets no!!

So after all that its quiet obvious that the mood aint so hot (could also be explained that after finishing work the first song I heard on the radio was Bryan Adams: Heaven, yikes). So to cheer me and everyone else up I think some Polyphonic Spree is required and Light and Day.... Lets not have a concert, lets have a gathering. Maybe Chomsky was onto something with this tree hugging lark! Finally based on the evidence of the video, having a laugh in Japan at concerts appears to be banned or something.


Some Chilean Woman said...

Feeling better now angry Neil? You should after that song!

Neil said...

A small bit better alright. The Polyphonic Spree usually hit the spot alright