Sunday, April 26, 2009


After having taken the RTÉ version of BBC i-player for a test drive over the weekend I was disgusted to find out that Tubridy Tonight and The Late Late Show were in the 5 Most Watched programmes on-line. It's okay that you might see either of the programmes if its a quiet night at home and you are stuck for something to watch but seriously logging on to a website so you can watch it on demand is a bit much. Word to the wise Secrets of The Stone is a quality documentary even if they did go a bit over-board on the CGI and for a while there I though some of our national monuments were something akin to the Inca (the wonders of modern technology).

Anyways enough of talking of the joys of Irish Terrestrial Television viewing and back to the music. One of the greatest songs of all time written by Young and played with The Band from their Last Waltz, this is Helpless. (Also a case study for some back stage excess)


Sleepy said...

Blinding tune!

Neil said...

Yup, brilliant. The Band and Young just are pure class