Friday, April 3, 2009

In The Headlights

It's early on a Friday morning as type I this out. Just back from the Frightened Rabbit gig which was on in Cyprus Avenue. A middling to decent crowd was at and I made three non-expectant buddies tag along for the gig. First off I can confirm I am not in anyway close to being able to write a gig review. I couldn't tell you what song was played from first to last but the performance was excellent. A cracking version of Keep Yourself Warm was played to finish and I was the business. Merchandise shopping and various chats with the band followed and it was all good. Well worth checking out and an excellent nights entertainment. Damn, damn good!! This was quality too, Floating in the Forth.


Sleepy said...

Interesting tune!
Excellent pronounciation of 'Suicide' to get it to scan in the lyrics!

Neil said...

Yup, thats dialects for u! You gotta use to your full advantage.