Monday, April 20, 2009


As promised, a photo of all things holiday.

It's in the middle of a mountain and ice age related supposedly!

Recent music purchases, yes I am old skool enough to continue to buy cds thank you very much.

1. Bell X1, Blue Lights on The Runway. Not great, was expecting a little bit more.
2. Doves, Kingdom of Rust. Don't understand the hype, solid album but nothing special either.
3. Peter, Bjorn and John, Living Thing. Go out and buy it immediately, pure quality.

Finally, relaxing song of the weekend. Interpol and Leif Erikson, what a song.


Stan said...

Yeah, good song by Interpol, the miserable yokes.

I think Lost Souls is the only Doves album to live up to the hype, though I haven't heard Kingdom of Rust yet.

Neil said...

The more i listen to Kingdom Of Rust the more I realise I was shafted out of my fifteen euro. Illegal downloading should be legal for albums like that.