Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Ryan Adams is an expensive habit for devoted followers seeing as very few months go by without the appearance of a new album. Our first introduction to this workaholic was with Whiskeytown but his break through stuff here in Ireland at least was the release of the his best album to date Heartbreaker (Jack Daniel drinking soundtrack if there ever was one). Reviewed his most recent album with the Cardinals a couple of weeks ago. Here though is a live performance from a BBC 4 show a couple of years ago. From one of the more stylistically all over the place album Demolition here is Desire.


Some Chilean Woman said...

I finally know who he is! I kept hearing about him then forgetting to look for his stuff on youtube...I can see why Mandy Moore fell for him...

Very nice!

Neil said...

Ryan Adams is pretty class alright. Seemingly pretty grumpy when performing on stage. Apparently one should never ask for "Come Pick Me Up".

Also he works like a lunatic.