Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Check The Meaning

The wonders of google ad sense. I was on my google mail for a while today and one of those predictive ad type things appeared (all that information stored somewhere on a server, well its probably data rather than information but lets not get into that argument), low and behold I'm told thanks to the wonder of the t-internet that Diabetes is reversible even Type 1. This came as news to me and they even have a fupping youtube video to 'prove' their claims. A doctor Nick type tells me its true so it has to be. Stop using insulin completely while your pancreas still doesn't work. If I follow this advice I can see it all ending badly (minus some limbs and eyesight). Hope is the cure but this is ridiculous.

Well after getting a good laugh out of that, I went in search of some music that should give us all some hope and I came up with this. I reckon insulin and listening to this might be a slightly more pragmatic solution. Strings and Sigur Ros is just a winning combination even if I haven't a notion what the song is about, but it sure as hell isn't stop with the insulin.

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