Monday, June 15, 2009

Classic Album of The Week (Part 5)

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, or so the saying goes. This was meant to be a weekly slot an as so far as material goes it should run dry for want of material. With no apparent pattern or sense of purpose I have hopped from Neil Young to Fleetwood Mac through Bruce Springsteen to end last time I wrote at The Stereophonics. The path is something like travelling the world with a Lonely Planet guide by visiting places chosen through closing one's eyes and using a thumb tack (apologies to all for the long and meandering metaphor). This week is no different and neatly contains some giant chunks of i-pod listening time.

The Bends was Radiohead's last traditional rock album. It saw them teetering on the edge of stadium rock stardom, something which they have pulled back from in recent years to take up the mantle of plain greatest band of the modern era. Anyways The Bends, the soundtrack of disaffected youth, without really understanding what in god's name they were signing about. From disaffection with modern life (Fake Plastic Trees) to disaffection with modern life (Black Star). An album with a rhythm section to die for and some mesmerising Johnny Greenwood guitars (if I continue along these lines I will have to search for the patented Rolling Stone album review phrase book).

Finishing with deeper than you first think Street Spirit [Fade Out] a song which perfectly encompasses all of what Thom Yorke is about, its an album that will be continued to be played. Anyways the song of the album (which really is a contradiction in terms) is Blackstar, doom/angst/comment all rolled into one. Genius


Kleinmue said...

Wow, that is officially the first Radiohead song that really touches me.

Neil said...

Excellent stuff Kerstin, I've finally managed to get you to like the wonders of Radiohead. We'll have to sit down at the weekend and relax to it!