Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lights Out

Seeing as it's roasting and half the country have turned into lobsters some R&B is required with a summer vibe.

On a literary note, just finished reading Micheál Ó Siochrú's finely written historical account, "God's Executioner". From an Irish perspective a very reasonable account of what can at best be described as a dark time in history or else a pack of lies, of course its a question of perspective. Anyways an interesting footnote of history is that one of the greats of English literature Milton (he of "Paradise Lost" fame, the poem I dug out of Soundings) was a long time supporter of Cromwellian tactics in Ireland and even wrote poetry celebrating the victories. On further investigation this was never mentioned in Irish syllabus although his posting as a foreign minister was briefly included. (For a far more complete and coherent review: see here)

What has taken me on this tangent? Well it has to be the heat and also the realisation that this happened within a few miles of home and we were never told about it. Reading always surprises you. Lights Out though for now (Santogold and Cromwell, what do I be thinking!).


Colm said...

I don't mean to criticize, but you missed a great opportunity to post the B-52s Rock Lobster. Seriously though, Santogold is class.

Neil said...

Dammit, Rock Lobster!! Totally forgot that one.

Some Chilean Woman said...

Dude, what the hell? We've been getting rain for 4 days now! We've traded weather patterns.

Oh and Santigold, I want my life to be like their videos...well, only sometimes.

Neil said...

Global warming may have an advantage, so long as the sea don't start rising we will be fine.

And yes according to everyone who has seen Santigold, its as good a live show going!