Monday, June 8, 2009

In The Begining. When We Were Winning

Cracking decade the nineties when songs like this (Animal Nitrate Suede, go on listen to it, genius) were released on a monthly basis. Those famous bands which filled most summer evenings back then are slowly coming back into vogue. Problem is you buy the album give it about three listens, declare it alright and then slip back to the older stuff comfortable in the knowledge that there is the appearance of coolness and keeping up with the whole newish music scene without having to wander too far from the records of youth. Bob Dylan's stuff is a typical example for me, got most his new stuff but probably can't list a track, while Freewheelin' probably can be song (if ears could take it) from heart.

Anyways all that rambling leads me nicely into Manic Street Preachers new album Journal for Plague Lovers (for those of a spotify persuasion click here). Crunching guitars, crashing drums in the opening track Peeled Apples and we are away in a hack. Seemingly (according to a trusty issue of Mojo) the lyric book of Richey Edwards were raided in the making of this album and yes it does sound a little like The Holy Bible (the 1994 album rather than the yoke that causes about four different wars a year). So far on first listen at least this album appears to be their most accessible in a long while and as good as what is out there. Although if I'm being honest after three listens, I will probably go back to this...

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