Monday, January 19, 2009

First Post and it starts with White Lies

Its a new year and according to every music journal in the world there appears to be a contender for album of the year. After much hype and airplay (thank you NME) White Lies release their debut album "To Lose My Life". The album harks back to the sound of Joy Division and can find comparisons with more modern artists such as Editors and Stellastar*. Doom laden lyrics and base driven tracks are the modus operandi of this group and a hype warranting appearance with Jools Holland Later On... have set the band up to be a fixture on the summer festival scene with main stage credits surely beckoning.

The album lacks a certain sense of immediacy but after a few plays it does grow on you while never hitting the heights of the Editors debut. The sound and content are relatively dark but nothing that hasn't been seen before. The opening track and first single is the stand out of the album however the majority of the album fails to replicate the simplicity and impact of "Death". "I picture my own, cause fear has got a hold on me" will never be considered for fell good lyric of the century but it does give a sense of where the band is coming from.

That being said the album isn't a complete mess and can be considered a qualified success. It's a solid start but it doesn't deserve the band being hailed as musical saviours. However no doubt airplay, fame and money await for White Lies, but don't believe the hype...

Check out the video that's been played non-stop on pretty much every alternative music channel on earth, White Lies "Death"


En2me said...

Hey, i think you over-rate the Editors, both bands are nothing but the poor mans interpol who are the poor mans joy division, except for everything on turn on the bright lights. Death is the song of the year however, a few years maybe....

Neil said...

Ah lets not get into the poor mans Interpol debate cause you saw where that got us with Momo Sissoko who turned out to be a poor mans Lassana Diarra who turned out to be a poor mans Paddy Viera etc etc etc... Death rocks though

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