Friday, January 23, 2009

Working On A Dream

No album for years upon years then two in the space of six months. Bruce is out doing himself in his old age. "Magic" saw the E-Street Band re-united once more and was a step into the mainstream again with the FM Classic "Radio Nowhere" and number of other cracking tracks the stand outs of which were "Devil's Arcade" and "I'll Work For Your Love". I've just had a few listens to the new album that is released here on the 27-Jan and the standard has not dropped.

The track which everyone will know is "The Wrestler" used on the soundtrack to the film of the same name. An acoustic classic which would not be out of place on a Bruce Springsteen solo album. Think "Nebraska" meets "Devils and Dust" and a genuinely good fit for the film. The rest of the album harks back to typical Springsteen subject matter of love, chasing dreams and the spirit of America. An album of hope in these bank fueled times of crisis. It's guaranteed to provide new material for the never ending touring schedule.

If released twenty years ago it would out-sell "Born to Run", unfortunately "Working On A Dream" will not be as successful but not for lack of quality just that the era of eighties hysteria will never be re-visited however the man still has an eye for an ingenious lyric though. It's a must buy and an album you will just keep returning to. Hope does still appear to spring eternal.

Here is a track off the new album courtesy of, don't ask how I got to listen to the new album. "My Lucky Day", eighties vibe and sax solo. It's all good.