Friday, October 16, 2009

Lion and the Lamb With Ghosts In The Hall

Beat Radio have their new album out now for a few weeks. As mentioned before on this blog they are  in my humble opinion one of those great internet finds. Their new album safe inside the sound sees a more layered approach when compared to the previous EP. Its been mentioned elsewhere that a few years ago this music would have appeared on every tv teen drama (The Hills to the sound of Beat Radio is wrong on about six levels). However lucrative this maybe for the band, it would be doing the album a disservice, it should and indeed deserves multiple listens and not be categorised with that throw away pop type stuff. More immediate than its predecessor with the opening track (follow you around) a proper stand out tune along with the lion and the lamb. This is just real quality independent music that deserves all the success it achieves.

So as not to spoil the album, here is a live performance of Elegy, and people just go and enjoy being safe inside the sound!

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