Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I am currently torn between whether or not to purchase that giant Beatles box set yokey. So in true Irish fashion I have decided to implement a far more expensive/short term solution by buying the back catalogue one by one. So first up was the soundtrack to the film Help!, having watched it recently (thank you BBC4 and Kerstin for sitting through it with me), I decided that it was far better than my memory had served me. So off to planet cdwow to purchase said same cd. The stand out track was the Lennon penned You've Gotta Hide You're Love Away. Also the other thing that stands out from repeated listening is how amazingly solid and brilliant a Beatles' album is.

Anyways to keep Apple Corp from tracking me down today's video is a cover of the song mentioned above from Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam fame.

Oh and the new Editors album is out in the near future, here is the new song Papillon, and also one quick question, why is there a Goran Ivanisevic look a like running??

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