Thursday, May 7, 2009

Last Night, I.....

It has been a few day's since I have been able to get enough time together to even contemplate a blog posting. The government enforced 8% of professional fees has seen to that. Mad scurrying around to try and get the house in order so things can keep going. Seeing as it the first time one of these emergency laws have really affected me, I decided to go take a look see. After a quick review of the thing I have realised what a complete load of bollix it is and how basically it allows them free reign while not aiming at anything in particular. A case of head in the sand while having a card board cut out looking around for you. To top it all off the newly enacted law is called the Public Interest Act 2009. Irony sucks some times.

Well back to more important things, recently purchased the Yeah Yeah Yeah's new album It's Blitz!. The album did come with the usual hype and one of my music listening compadre's described it as the greatest album ever. A slight exaggeration perhaps, its okay and Karen O is always quality but I think the title of greatest album ever (which is something similar to the Ricky Bobby Oscar for Greatest Movie Ever which was won by Highlander is case anyone is wondering) is safe for the time being. Its a decent effort with probably about five hit singles on it although Zero is already doing my head in. How come alternative music stations keep playing the same music, not very alternative if you ask me.

Today's video though is coming from another direction entirely. Duke Special has this song out for quite awhile and had completely slipped my mind until now when someone suggested that it was the saddest music video they had seen. It now appears that all I do is rank stuff in greatest/saddest/funniest of time, but that usually is not the case.

Also Didier Drogba is an idiot. That is all.


Colm said...

I think I can guess who your 'music listening compadre' is. Let's just say he's bald and prone to hyperbole.

Neil said...

Jesus, how did you know!!!! Answers to a lot of names but one of them isn't first choice goal-kepper