Thursday, May 14, 2009

If This Was An Essay I'd Be Told To Re-Submit

Oh the joys of public transport! Damn kids and their Nintendos driving me slowly towards the edge of reason. I always find having to turn up the i-pod to ear bleed levels slightly counter-productive when trying to block out background noise, it just appears to produce an even larger headache and the search for respite continues. This search includes attempts to simulate smoking using a Biro so as to try to chill the fuck out.

Guinness Store House today and didn't sample any of it. Instead listened to people talking about development environments and machine translation code (not a notion what was going on). I have seriously got to set some priorities.

As I was heading home after the excitement, I realised why the shuffle songs function is the bestest thing ever and its because of this. It would never appear on a play list but its just raw class, and all in all the day didn't turn out so bad.

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